We specialize in growing the plants of the glaciated tallgrass region of Nebraska and Kansas, sourcing local ecotypes to increase the long-term stability of the people, animals, and plants who live here.

Our nursery serves retail and wholesale customers, assisting in prairie & woodland restorations, public projects, private gardens, community space, pollinator plots, wildlife habitat, rainwater catchment systems, and nearly any other project you have in mind.

Which plant is right for your space?

Look through our lists for sun exposure, moisture, soil type, bird habitat, height and more!

 To order, review our current inventory and then email or call.



We make deliveries throughout the growing season or you may choose to pick up your order at the nursery. We are open by appointment only.

Payment can be arranged online, in person, or by mail.

All our plants are local ecotypes of southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas. We are dedicated to sourcing seeds ethically and expanding seed resources for the fortifying of healthy people, communities, and prairies.

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